Let's wave goodbye to America

America was once great but I broke it. I tried to flush it twice. Once they let me flush and boy did I let all hell break loose. Wanna do it again?

If I think of something it happens. Except for Ivanka.

I now live in Florida because New York is trying to put me in jail.

Wanna buy some documents?

Need help with your Donald Trump?

Features List

Your Donald Trump is a precision manufactured product brought to you by the Russian Federation.

Putin's Donald Trump

Misogyny Included

Donald Trump is loaded with the latest in Misogyny including "man-splaning" and a black belt level in sexual harassment.


Mexican rapists, shit hole countries and more are included in the Donald Trump box.


This version of Donald Trump thrives on a diet of beautiful cake. Cake not included.

Incest Add On

Putin's Donald Trump, just like the real Donald Trump, has an unhealthy obsession with his offspring. This is an optional add-on as many users find it upsetting.