Your Donald Trump is a loser.

But in prison he can be a winner.

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My Democracy crashed. How do I reboot it?

This depends. When did your democracy crash? If it was during the 2000 Florida recount than you'll need to throw out your existing ideals and start again.

If your democracy crashed during the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" beta release then you can upgrade to Obama-Care (ignore the drone strikes).

If your democracy crashed because of the Donald Trump plug-in, please uninstall Donald Trump and reboot.

My Representative is a 2019 Republican. Is this model still supported?

Sadly from 2016 the Republican models were infected with malware and have become Fascists. Please try voting them out.

My reboot got stalled in the Senate

If your representative has not become infected with malware please try restarting this process.

If your representative is infected with malware please vote them out.

How did my Representative and/or Senator get infected with malware?

While older generations of Republicans had a backbone, more recent models have begun to return to a primordial ooze. Some think this is in order to better survive global climate change. Others think they are just some slippery fuckers.

By returning to a primordial ooze they are under the spell of a large, orange dummy.

Please contact support and ask for a refund.

How long will a reboot take?

Ideally your reboot should have been completed by now. Unfortunately, we've become aware that this has not happened. It seems, and this is true, a melted turtle candle has clogged democracy and prevented a reboot.

My Donald Trump keeps lying. What do I do?

Lying is not a bug of Donald Trump, it's a feature. Your Donald Trump can lie up to twice per minute. As an added feature many of these lies also contain misogyny and racism.

I accidentally got my Donald Trump covered in a thick, orange goo. How do I clean it?

The "thick orange goo" is a constant problem with the Donald Trump. We suspect it's an issue with it's upbringing. Thankfully, cleaning is easy. Take your Donald Trump and let it soak in a urinal for about 30 minutes. Once Donald Trump is done soaking in urine you should air dry so as not to ruin its hair.

Features List

Your Donald Trump is a precision manufactured product brought to you by the Russian Federation.

Putin's Donald Trump

Misogyny Included

Donald Trump is loaded with the latest in Misogyny including "man-splaning" and a black belt level in sexual harassment.


Mexican rapists, shit hole countries and more are included in the Donald Trump box.


This version of Donald Trump thrives on a diet of beautiful cake. Cake not included.

Incest Add On

Putin's Donald Trump, just like the real Donald Trump, has an unhealthy obsession with his offspring. This is an optional add-on as many users find it upsetting.

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