The Rudy Giuliani comfort animal

Does your Donald Trump need a lapdog? A toadie? Someone to spew nonsense into his ear? Good news, the Rudy Giuliani Comfort Animal is now available.

Rudy has dildos!
Rudy can open his mouth big

About Rudy

The Rudy Giuliani comfort animal (also sold as the Rudy Giuliani Comfort Companion for Adults) is a great addition to your Donald Trump.

The US military has conducted extensive testing on the Rudy Giuliani comfort animal and it should have only limited emotional and psychological impacts on those exposed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rudy

My Rudy keeps repeating, "9-11"

To alert you that his battery is low Rudy will resort to his 2002 firmware default catchphrase, which is "9-11".

9-11 was a tragic day in American history but it is a comfort to Rudy. Without that tragedy Rudy would be relegated to hosting a call in radio show similar to Bob Grant.

Is the Comfort Companion version water safe?

The Rudy Giuliani Comfort Companion for Adults is machine washable. Use a mild detergent on the gentle cycle.

Are the top and bottom teeth supposed to be two different colors?

To ease manufacturing our lower and upper teeth are color coded. For the normal Rudy Giuliani Comfort Animal this is not a big deal. If you are using the Rudy Giuliani Comfort Companion for Adults then this is a big deal.

How do I make it stop?

Have it make a vision board and purchase it a one way ticket to the Ukraine.

All sales are final.

Rudy Giuliani face close up